Why choose us

Our movers are trained
When choosing a new member of our team at Pomona Movers, every individual is thoroughly background checked and tested before they are carefully hand-picked to join our company. We understand the importance in movers that can be trusted, are reliable, and simply know how to get the job done. Once they join our team, no matter how experienced they may be, they are obligated to go through proper training for every individual moving service we offer, to ensure the perfection in their work, and the development of the proper skillset needed to perform the best moves in the industry. We take pride in our movers, and constantly invest in their training, the equipment they use, and their safety while on the job. We take the extra steps that make our business stand out among others, and our movers are definitely one of the best.

We place great importance in customer support
The first impression you get about any place or business, is how the staff is treating you. A good business is reflected in their staff, and amazing customer service should be provided to you from the moment of your first phone call. We offer our full support from the first second of your interaction with one of our moving experts at Pomona Movers, all the way up until the completion of your move. We are open for your questions 7 days a week, and we are more than happy to explain the entire relocation process when moving with Pomona Movers. Listening to your moving wishes, and assessing your moving needs is what we love doing and what we do best, and there is no question that we won’t have the answer to.

We are both licensed and insured
It goes without saying that you should never hire a moving company that doesn’t possess a license or insurance, but most people don’t realize how many moving companies don’t possess either. Pomona Movers is fully licensed and insured, for your peace of mind during your relocation with our professional movers. We take full responsibility of your items during your move from start to finish, and if something unexpected does happen, resulting in unwanted damage of your items, you can sleep stress-free knowing that you will be fully compensated for it. We take care of every difficult situation in a friendly, communicative and open manner, and will take the extra steps to provide you with a flawless move every time.

We listen to your moving needs
You’re moving needs and wishes will never be overlooked when moving with Pomona Movers. We will carefully listen to your ideas, expectations, and special requests and will take extra steps to ensure that they are implemented in our service. We believe that it is important to develop a specific approach to your move before it takes place, and by assessing your moving needs carefully, it can be even easier to develop the perfect moving plan with your wishes on the top of our priority list. You can customize your move to your liking, and Pomona Movers will never fail to amaze you with our skills. We guarantee that the move of your dreams will become a reality.

We stick to the schedule
We respect the time of every party involved in our moving endeavors. Being punctual and on schedule is important even when there is no strict schedule to stick to, simply because everyone should be provided with a quick and efficient move in the timeframe that we have agreed on. Once we schedule a certain timeframe for our movers’ arrival, that is when we will arrive. Respecting your schedule, and the schedule of our other clients at the same time, is one of our main priorities during your relocation. We are never late, not even fashionably.

We are always upfront with our rates
We are more than confident in our expertise, our moving knowledge and the skills that we can offer our customers. Therefore, there are no secrets with how much we charge, and there are no sudden changes of your moving costs in the middle of your relocation. We also do not have any hidden charges that will randomly show up on your bill upon the completion of your move. We are always transparent with everything with we do, and we apply the same when charging our customers for our services. When you receive a quote from Pomona Movers, that is the rate you will be paying at the end of your move.