Why hire professional movers? Top 10 tips

May 23, 2020

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You might’ve heard time and time again, how hiring professional movers can seriously hurt your pockets, and the service you’ll be receiving might not even be worth it. In reality, moving with professional movers that are licensed, insured, and go about their business the right way, can turn your entire moving experience around, amnd provide you with a wholesome relocation that is seamless, smooth, and most importantly, easy. With the right moving company, you’ll be receiving full support during the entire process, and your move will be handled in the exact way you want it to be handled. It will save you time, energy, and sometimes even money. We’ve gathered some of the best reasons to hire professional movers, and some tips to help you out during the journey of searching for the best movers to trust with your relocation.

1. Reliability

When browsing moving companies, calling around to gather quotes from different companies and analyzing the entire process, your first priority should be if the companies have both a license and insurance. You would be surprised to know how many companies have neither, and hiring a company that doesn’t have a license and insurance can quickly make your relocation go south. Once that is out of the way, it is important to find a company that cares about their clients, their relocations and their entire experience. A company that happily answers each of your questions, and offers amazing customer service is one step further to ensure that you’ve found movers that will handle your relocation properly. Ask your movers about the process, how they go about the process and what you should be expecting from your movers. Moving is a serious ordeal, and you’ll be most comfortable when moving with a company that also treats your relocation as such.

Tip: Call different moving companies and gather moving quotes, check out their websites, and thoroughly go through their services. Make sure to ask your movers if they’re licensed and insured, what to expect on the day of your move, and if you have any concerns, share them when calling around. This will give you a general idea of the best company to handle your belongings, as great customer service should be reflected from the moment of your first conversation.

2. Moving services

The best part of moving with professional movers, is the services you’ll be receiving. Some moving companies go to extra lengths in providing their clientele with a myriad of moving services to choose from, and with these moving companies, you can carefully customize the exact service you wish to receive on your moving day. If you need help with packing certain items but not everything? Consider a partial packing service. Need help with moving items only around your house? Ask your movers for an on-premise move. Most moving companies will enable you to customize the entire service you’ll be receiving, ensuring that all of your moving needs are met and the whole relocation process goes as you envisioned it in your head.

Tip: Ask about the moving services the company offers, and share your moving needs and expectations to gather information about how your relocation will be approached on the moving day. It is important for both the company you’re going to hire and yourself to understand each other both ways and come up with the best moving solution that coordinates with your expectations.

3. Heavy lifting

Moving by yourself will require a lot of strength, moving knowledge and the right skillset in order to ensure a successful relocation. This means that you would have to disassemble your furniture and load your rental truck on your own, which also means that there will be some serious heavy lifting on your end. This can sometimes result in moving injuries, that can be more serious than not, and even if everything goes according to plan on that field, you’re still risking potentially damaging or losing your items along the way. When hiring professional movers, you won’t have to deal with any of this, and moving companies that are reliable, should have provided their movers with proper training and moving knowledge in order to avoid moving injuries and damaging your items altogether. Hiring movers will relieve you from any shape or form of heavy lifting, and you can focus on other aspects of your relocation freely.

Tip: Before your movers arrive, make sure that your heaviest furniture (dresser, fridge, drawers, safes etc.) are completely empty. By keeping your heaviest items full of items, you’re risking your movers’ safety by adding weight to them, and also slowing down your move immensely. For both sides, it is best to have your furniture completely empty, so everything can be handled safely and properly, and in the fastest possible manner at the same time.

4. Packing

Perhaps the best perks of hiring a professional moving company, is the fact that they offer packing services in addition to their moving services. Everyone wishes to avoid the annoying process of packing, and have someone else do it for them. Hiring professional movers will grant you just that. The moving company you’ve hired can also provide you with packing supplies, and ensure that there is absolutely no hassle on your end. Professional movers are also specifically trained to pack your items properly, carefully and delicately, so the chances of your items getting damaged during transport when moving with professional movers, are lowered immensely.

Tip: When hiring movers to also pack your belongings, you can also opt for providing them with your own packing supplies, that could ultimately cut the cost of the entire service altogether. Sometimes you could gather packing supplies for a much smaller price than having your moving company bring their own, but if this is something you just don’t wish to be bothered with, its great to know that your moving company can handle it for you.

5. Insurance

Insurance plays a big part in the movie of your relocation, and it can make all the difference if something unfortunate happens during your move. When moving on your own, no one will compensate for the damage or loss of your items if you don’t have your own insurance, and you probably won’t be asking your friends and family for money if they do happen to damage something. With professional movers, they are responsible for the condition of your items from start to finish, so if something unexpected does happen, you’ll rest stress-free knowing that the company will compensate for the damage accordingly.

Tip: If there are some items that need special protection during your relocation, fragile, delicate or expensive belongings you might own for example, it is best to let your movers know about them beforehand and to ask them to bring additional materials to ensure the safe handling of said items.

6. Saving time

Hiring professional movers ultimately means that they will get the job done in just a fraction of the time it would take you to do everything by yourself. The movers you are hiring have vast experience in conducting moves, know how to approach different aspects of your move and have the needed moving knowledge to get your move done efficiently. Also keep in mind that the movers you’ve hired are also working on a schedule, and have to get things done in a timely manner in order to stay on track. With professional movers, you’ll have much more time to handle every other task revolving your relocation.

Tip: If you’ve packed by yourself before your move, it might be smart to save even more time once your movers arrive by gathering the boxes in one specific area close to the entrance of your home. This way, your movers can load the truck much faster, resulting in you saving both time and money at the same time.

7. Saving energy

Another perk when hiring professional movers to handle your relocation, is that you won’t have to do absolutely anything once they arrive on the job. You can sit back and relax while the professionals do what they do best, and save energy for other, more fun parts of your relocation. You won’t have to bother with disassembling and reassembling your furniture, loading or unloading your truck, or anything else. The professional moving company you’ve hired will provide you with a complete, end-to-end service that will require little to no effort on your end.

Tip: Label all of your boxes with the rooms they go in, so your movers can automatically organize your boxes according to the room they go in, saving you time and energy while unpacking.

8. Saving money

This might sound impossible, but it is in fact true. In reality, you are bound to spend money on a rental truck, gas, moving supplies, tools and much more when moving by yourself. Even though moving with a moving company might seem expensive at first, you need to take into consideration that all of the above is usually included in the rates you are receiving, and with some moving companies, you won’t have any additional expenses. Some moving companies can provide you with a service that can result in you saving money than doing it by yourself. And time is priceless, and with professional movers, you are bound to save a lot of it.

Tip: If you wish to save even more money during your move, consider disassembling your furniture before your movers arrive. Doing this is by all means not mandatory, but will result in a much quicker relocation and will save you money in the long run.

9. Staying on schedule

If you have a tight schedule for your relocation to take place in, your best bet is to hire movers. Not only will they complete your move much faster than you would on your own, but as previously mentioned, your movers also have a schedule that they need to stick to. The professional moving company you’ve hired will come up with the perfect moving plan that is bound to fit into both schedules, and you will be settled into your new home in no time.

Tip: Make sure that you are fully prepared and packed during your move if you haven’t requested a packing service from your movers. If everything is ready to go and organized upon your movers arrival, it will result in a much smoother moving experience that will go according to schedule.

10. Peace of mind

Perhaps the conclusion of hiring professional movers, is that you will be at complete peace of mind during the entire process. If you’ve hired the best movers for your moving needs, you won’t have to worry for a second, and you’ll sleep much easier knowing that you won’t have to lift a finger during the entire process. Reliable movers will provide you with an amazing moving experience, that will make you change your entire opinion on moving. Moves should be exciting – not tedious. Hiring professional movers will provide you with an overall enjoyable experience.

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