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  • Pomona Movers
    We choose to do the right thing. We put you and your family first, providing accountable movers and excellent service in the Pomona area. Our product choices benefit the environment, and our dedication to delivering a smooth move benefits you!

Safe moving. Green materials.

Move into your new life with ease, and leave the guilt of packing waste behind!
With Pomona Movers, you can have it all.

Safe service

Our professional moving team is reliable and responsible.

Quick turnaround

Finding a new home involves more than enough waiting around and back-and-forth negotiations. Make the moving process simple and straightforward.

Planet friendly

We use only eco friendly boxes and packing materials, so you can feel comfortable with a high quality, green move.

Our values


Our team will greet you with a smile, listen to your instructions and answer all of your questions. We don’t just do the heavy lifting; we also ensure that you are comfortable with our processes and happy with the outcome!


Don’t let moving costs break the bank! Learn about our reasonable rates with our free estimate tool.


We care about more than making money. We prioritize quality, customer satisfaction and the environment over profit because we understand what truly matters.


Our packing materials are eco-friendly, so at the end of the move, you don’t have to look around and mourn the moving waste. We’re committed to doing all we can to stay green.


There are no surprises with us. From pricing to timing and every minor question in between, we do our best to stay on the same page as our valued customers and keep the lines of communication wide open.


With practice and precision, we’ve learned the very best methods for moving. Our highly qualified team of movers is ready to provide the best service you’ve ever seen!

Pomona Movers

Have you ever looked around after a big move and felt a pang of guilt at all of the materials you bought, used and threw away in a matter of days? Are you uncomfortable with the dozens of cardboard boxes that go to waste after you’re all settled in to a new place?

Pomona Movers values the wellness of our Earth too much to keep contributing to waste and misuse of our resources. That’s why we choose eco friendly boxes and other materials, to keep the negative environmental impacts of moving at a minimum.

Our consideration for the environment is just one example of our commitment to thoughtfulness and doing the right thing. We care about more than our bottom dollar, and we make decisions based on integrity and quality.

Our Services

From start to finish, we are Pomona’s safest and greenest movers! Allow us to take the stress off your shoulders and the moving process out of your hands.


Guilt-free materials

We’ve looked around at the relocation industry and realized that it yields a staggering amount of waste! Think about it: all the boxes, tape and other materials start to pile up after even one big move! We don’t want to be any old moving company, contributing to waste and pollution. We choose eco-friendly materials, so that you can feel good about your environmental impact.


Fair pricing

Considering moving costs is never fun, but we’ve made it easy and straightforward with our Free Estimate tool! Our dedication is to making you happy, so we keep our services affordable with reasonable rates.


Worry-free packing and unpacking

Take advantage of our packing service! We’ve got the eco-friendly materials and the expertise to pack them up right. Knowing how to puzzle everything together in the best possible way doesn’t just happen overnight. Our professional movers have been in the business for years, and we know how best to pack up your home! Plus, when we arrive, we’ll take care of the pesky unloading for you.


Error-free loading

Attention to detail means everything to our moving company. We don’t want one new dent or chip in your furniture when we’ve delivered it to you, so we place everything in our trucks with precision and care.


Auto shipping

Figuring out all of the logistics of moving has never been easy. Coordinating vehicles in addition to all of the house hunting, job searching, and financing madness is the last thing you should have to think about! We’re happy to offer auto shipping, to cross one more moving detail off your list.


Hassle-free customer service

Say goodbye to hard-to-reach companies and spotty communicators! We take our role in your move seriously, so it’s simple to get your free quote, set your schedule and give us all the specific instructions you’d like! You can count on us.


We recently moved into whittier. We were in a big rush, and these guys came out and did alot for us. Jacob specifically was extremely helpful and i appreciate the humanity. Would really recommend these guys to anyone in need.

Quentin M. - Whittier, CA